Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finally a compact reading tablet, and economical too

As you know I have a very publicly been begging Amazon to make a compact tablet for reading and portability. A tablet which you can carry in a pocket and which is very easy to hold and read with one hand.

Well, dip me in rouge and call me pretty, they did it! It is the new fire HD six tablet (Video).
CNet article.
What I did not expect what is the they at the same time made it the cheapest tablet yet of good repute, under $100, which is amazing for quality tablet. (LEN EDGERLY on his show actually made of this specific wish and added it to my wish of a compact tablet so he might have been responsible for that!)
[To be frank I do recommend selecting the 16 GB model which adds $20, unless you really don't plan on downloading much video or software ]

It is 290 grams which is close to the HDX seven model. I wish it could be lighter, but for $99 you can't have everything. Maybe next year.


David Evans said...

I use e-ink readers (a Kobo Glo and a Sony PRS-T3) for book reading, because I think they are kinder on the eyes. I spend too much time web surfing and game playing on the PC, and I'm aware that it hurts my eyes. Reading from a tablet as well would be too much.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Some people say that. Fortunately, Amazon has also just upgraded their $79 reader to a touch-screen model.