Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kindle sleeves from Balbirnie Leather in Scotland

So, there I was looking for a nice sleeve for my new Kindle Voyage.
It turned out to be raining goodies, so in short order I had ordered four of them. I admit one could have been omitted, but that's as far as I'll go, hrmh.

I do it all for YOU, it's not like I WANT to buy these lovely things for myself!

Anyway, there are advantages to the simple sleeve for protection of your reader or tablet. Not the least that when reading, it does not add any weight, bulk, or hindrances.

I've long been looking for a leather shop with good and fast service. Small, but professional. I think I have found it in Balbirnie Leather

They made me this simple, beautiful pouch in real leather (you can smell the difference).
I get the feeling they can make you a sleeve for any tablet/reader in the world, they only need the dimensions after all.

[All pics are clickable for pleasant detail]
It is soft, simple, and lovely. Really nice quality leather. 
Even though they fit it exactly to the Kindle Voyage (There are only a couple milimeters difference from the Paperwhite), my non-patented strap still fits too. There is just enough friction to keep it in place while keeping it easy to take out the device. (This one is soft leather, fastened simply with Velcro, so I can remove it again. It works fine.) It is Pounds Sterling 19.50 (say $28), very reasonable for hand-craft like this. 

This one is an Inatech Compact Envelope in felt. It's also nice, and has the gimmick that when you pull on the leather strap, it helps slide out the device! This was 11 Pounds. 

This case is from Dockem Eu. It is slightly more polished than the Balbirnie sleeves, with rounded corners and filt lining (no worries, the B sleeves are plenty soft inside). But it's not real leather, and there's something to be said for minimalist aesthetic of the Balbirnies. Keep It Simple, Silly, as I say. This was less than ten Pounds, very cheap, despite the good quality. 

For my old Paperwhite I chose a different color, brown. They have several lovely colors to choose from. I always had a strong weakness (if that makes sense) for the deep, dark, burgundy red of the one I got for the Voyage. (Though they are interchangeable, the size difference is so small.)


TC [Girl] said...

You're too cute; "one can never have enough sleeves," I always say!! ;-) I LOVE leather and maroon happens to be one of my "most favorite" colors... You sound like you've been busy, today!! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes. Deep red is so much more beautiful than bright red (fire engine/tomato).

TC [Girl] said...

Right?! They say men really like that color but...all it reminds me of is...blood!! :-P I refuse to wear that color!!

TC [Girl] said...

That didn't sound quite right, as maroon probably looks more like blood, than the other, but...I have never thought of maroon as such; perhaps, it's the, um, "alarming" part of the bright red, that you write about, that I can't stand; it's the "look at ME" kind of red...where you might as well be in some neon color... Ick!! And that lipstick? :-P Not many women wear that color of lipstick well, either... :-(

Hema Sharma said...

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