Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Faster charging

(This may even work for Android devices, haven't tested.)

The 13-inch iPad Pro, wonderful as it is, unfortunately ships with a charger which i under-powered for the job. It takes a silly number of hours for it to charge this large tablet to full.

One can get faster results by buying a Macbook charger and an adapter, but at a price.

One thing I've found which helps a lot: when charging the iPad (or iPhone), instead of putting the device to sleep, turn it off fully.
This turns off the wireless services, the checking for email and such things. It may even make a difference in the way the charging itself works. In any case, it makes the charging gratifyingly faster.

BTW, I recommend the 13-inch iPad Pro. It's less portable of course, but if you have it in a stand, it makes a great difference to surfing, usability in general, reading of graphic-rich publications, and video. It's a pleasure. Before it came along, I wrote several times about how we needed a bigger "iPad Pro", and I was not wrong.

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