Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The beautiful iPad Mini

I just have to post about things I find beautiful, and the iPad Mini is one of them. It’s too expensive sadly (cost more than the current full-sized iPad), but... it is just beautiful.

Maybe you have to hold it to really appreciate it, but the thinness, the beauty and the functionality of the size, it just strikes me repeatedly. I bought this one at reasonable cost, refurbished. Not the speediest, but works for casual use, like movies. And perfect for video chat. Well, in fact it can be used for pretty much everything a full-sized one can, but it’s much lighter.
And that makes it fantastic for e-reading. A phone or a Kindle is great for reading novels, but a tablet is much better for formatted text and text with illustrations and such. Text books, art books, manuals, comics, web articles, etc etc.

I sincerely hope that Apple does not abandon this wonderful thing, but continue to develop it.

Oh: and it is even better for reading with a simple strap.

Straps I made myself. 


MB.Kinsman said...

I agree, the mini is perfect for many things. I’ve been hoping for a new version for some time. The mini size is much better for holding long term than any of the other ipad models. Hopefully Apple will see the light and release a new version this year. This is my preferred model, even though i own a few different models (iPad Air + mini 3)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

“better for holding long term than any of the other ipad models”

Exactly, that’s the crux of it.

Nice to see you, how did you find this blog?