Monday, January 17, 2011

eReader floor stand

Bookholder have made an adapter for ereaders for their floor book stand. I love my book holder, though I use a Hold-It which is heavier for better or worse. I think this adapter will work with Hold-it also. [Update: yes, it works perfectly.]

Until now I've had velcro on the back of the iPad, I think I can get rid of it when I get this adapter. It seems the corners are velcro'ed on and can be sat to adapt to various sizes of ereaders.

A book holder is great for voracious readers, especially for heavy books or devices like the iPad. Also, it leaves both hands free so you can drink your coffee and gesture angrily at the author at the same time.

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Eolake said...
"...gesture angrily at the author at the same time."

LOL! SILLY you! :-) Looks cool.