Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, that 27-inch iMac

I saw the new(ish) 27-inch iMac in a store today. Now me, I am used to the largest professional screens, and also the last model iMac, and yet I was just hypnotized by this new iMac. The speed, the beauty, and the exceptional quality of the screen. The sheer Godzilla-size of it. Holy mamafunking sheet! If you can't afford one, don't go look at one!

And by the way... when the iMac first came out around 1997, it was a good machine, but clearly an entry-level, or amateur computer. It is not so anymore. Except for people who need terrabytes of disk space or special sound cards or such, it's hard to imagine anybody who couldn't use this one professionally. One of my friends use it for professional HD video editing. 

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