Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPad 2, wireless sync?

Here's my prediction for the iPad two: I think it will finally allow wireless syncing to your computer. This is a bad hangup for many people, and I admit it's a bit silly to have to move your iPad and plug it in every time the computer has auto-downloaded new podcasts and such. It should happen continually in the background.

Or heck, why even be dependent on the computer at all? Why can't the iPad stand alone? To sell Macs? I just don't know, maybe it's just inertia, for sure Apple has been busy.

Rumors say it'll arrive in February 2011, but I really don't see why Apple would do that, when version one is still selling like hotcakes. Seems more likely they will go for a yearly update like the iPod and iPhone. (The first one came in April last 2010.)

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