Sunday, January 9, 2011

iPad not "mobile"?

Apparently WhazHisFace, the FaceBook founder, commented that the iPad is not really a mobile device, it's a computer.

There might be something to it. It seems most people, including myself, primarily use the iPad at home. For a wealth of tasks. For me that's overwhelmingly reading, on several different apps. (Zinio, Instapaper, NetNewsWire, Kindle App, web browser...)
I'm not sure what we can learn from this*, but it caught my attention.

*A Danish comedian in my childhood had an excellent TV show for children where he would show some far-out video clip, and upon its ending would always say: "... And what can we learn from this? Well..." and he would come up with some even crazier morale for our enlightenment. Very funny. But: I do believe that a datum or event only gets really interesting when we can sort of extrapolate to bigger spheres and try to learn something new, applicable in other areas of our lives too.

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