Wednesday, March 16, 2011

iPad II "smart cover"

Here's a review of the famous iPad II "smart cover".
I think it's a bit limited in its use, and over-priced.

So I think I'll Just continue to use my cheap and simple A-Case, which protects and acts as a multi-angle stand too. It's light-weight and works very well.

Funny though, it seems the iPad II is already selling even hotter than the first one! Incredible, as the French say.

For me, there is no type of ereader device which yet comes close in quality or usability to the iPad, there's no contest. I am still hoping there will yet be a contest, that'd be fun. I am hoping for Amazon to really spring a big bomb in the fall, with an outstanding Kindle 4 or even a real tablet.


Anonymous said...

Do you really consider them competitors?

eolake said...

It's a good question, but for me, they are. I use my iPad mainly as an ereader, and even when I *only* want the best ereader I have, I take the iPad, not my Kindle 3.

Smartphones can do many, many more things than normal cell phones can, but they are clearly competitors, since you can barely buy a "normal" cell phone anymore, it's becoming smartphones all around.