Saturday, March 19, 2011

Writing and Publishing to Blogs from the iPad

Writing and Publishing to Blogs from the iPad, article.
This fella uses his ipad as his main writing, researching, and publishing machine!
He doesn't even use an external keyboard, usually. It's funny how the screen keyboard works very poorly for some (like me), but really well for others. I'm amazed at how some people are so comfortable typing on the iPad screen. Personally I find the process torturous, so I'm envious.

But I love the idea of an iPad as a whole publishing machine. That is truly powerful. The entry barriers to so many things in this digital age has just come so far down that it's far, far closer to a level playing field than it ever has before. If you have talent and work ethic and an idea, it only takes that and $500 for a computer or iPad, and off you go. That's what I did with my web business. I wouldn't have had a clue how to do such a thing before the web, and I couldn't have made it work, and wouldn't have liked it if I did, what with all the BS one would have to deal with daily in publishing, printers and minions and unions and onions...

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