Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Design variations (and Calculator HD)

It amazes me how big variations there are in design sensibilities, and I guess -capabilities. Take a look at these three calculators for iPad. The first one I couldn't stand looking at for two seconds. The second one looks nice, but the third one is clearer, looks even better (the desktop is part of the screen picture, the objects can be turned off), is only a buck (they all are, or free), and has top reviews, so I took  that one (Calculator HD).

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I had use for a calculator (except 10-second problems my Mac widget can handle), but I like having nice things like this anyway. Quality makes me feel good. 

Also, what an example of inflation/advancement in technology. A couple of decades ago a good scientific calculator cost a small fortune, now you can get it in software for a buck. 

Calculator HD has four basic faces: Basic, basic plus notes/scripples, basic with tape (brill idea), and scientific calculator. 

Who are the people doing gorgeous design/graphics like this for iPad? It really lightens up your day. (Night Stand HD is another that springs to mind.)


Stephen A said...

What I want is real LCARS Interfaces just like Star Trek:TNG.

For real. The thing about the TNG Enterprise D is that the controls were thought out as a touch interface from first principles. Very clear consistent design, everything fingertip sized. Context shifting with the task at hand. The design wasn't aping older interfaces, it was new from the ground up. Plenty of different displays and tablets as well. Not a singular monolithic tablet.

eolake said...

You've referred to the iPad as "monolith" before, but I'd say: it's just the start. You have to start somewhere. It would hardly have been possible for Apple to skip 20 years of organic development of a new platform.

And I also want several other sizes and types of tablets and I'm sure they'll come, but for a start I'm very happy with the iPad.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"...basic with tape (brill idea)..."

Yes...I loved seeing that one, myself! It's like a 10-key...being able to double-check that numbers have been input, correctly...saving the tape paper, of course! :-D