Thursday, April 28, 2011

Predicting the digital newspaper

A video from 1994!

Granted, it was not difficult logic. I predicted pretty much the same in the nineties when I thought about what would replace the paper/magazines. Obviously, it would just be like the web, only on a single flat device which would be portable. Links, colors, videos, selectable content, that all comes from how the web already worked. Elementary, my dear Whazname.

Funny detail: the video points out how you can enlarge text to your liking. It's just a logical capability given the medium. But even now, 2011, some apps on the iPad can't do that, like Apple's own main browser, Safari. Embarrassing.       :-)

Oops, and also: the iPad can't yet read aloud to me, except using clumsy workarounds. I think that's missing because of copyright fears, for sure Amazon had their troubles about the Kindle's read-aloud ability. I hope it gets fixed soon, it's really stupid to not have such a useful and obvious ability.

One odd thing that the think tank missed, was they believed that you'd need a kiosk to buy a disk with the news from Denver if you were in Miami. Why they thought so with the Internet already being global, I'm not sure.

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