Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"The Kindle Swindle"

The Kindle Swindle, article.

OK, this problem I did not see coming in e-publishing. I guess I don't imagine the low ethics of some people.
"Content farms" on the web or now in ebooks is apparently people who quickly (like in two hours for a book) scrape together "content" of low quality, plagiarized or simply stolen, and publish it widely to get search engine hits and therefore sales. This could be a big problem because it could, if not successfully checked, make legitimately researched and written books hard to find in all the worthless dreck.
One man, "Manuel Ortiz Braschi", has published over 3,000 books on Kindle on all kinds of subjects. Is he a screaming genius or?...

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Stephen A said...

ye gods! Isaac Asimov only knocked out 515 books in his lifetime.