Saturday, April 9, 2011

A nice case

Blackbox has some very nice wooden cases for various machines, like this one for iPad 2.
They are not cheap, or light, but damn, they look good (and protect well).

Wow, here are some more amazing wooden accessories:
The iPad 2 Miniot cover. (It only weighs 100 grams, impressive.)

And the Grove case. Wow! 

I'm almost sorry I already bought the dang Apple smart cover, these are so beautiful. 
But then Grove also makes this beautiful iPad2 back skin, which should work very well in combo with the Apple SmartCover:

And see this beautiful iPhone 4 cases! 

(More art.) 

1 comment:

TC [Girl] said...

Beautiful and yummy wood! :-P LOVE that they are recycling those silly skateboards! What a GREAT IDEA!

What amazing craftsmanship and a labor of love, as well! LOVE bamboo! It's a cool wood! :-D