Monday, May 16, 2011

GoFlex Satellite

GoFlex Satellite
seems to be an interesting new iPad accessory. Seagate sez:
Take your media library with you. Stream it to your iPad®.
Take more than 300 HD movies on-the-go1
Stream media over Wi-Fi to 3 iPads at the same time
Automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac® computer

Might be a handy way of bringing a large video library without having to set up and run a computer. I wonder what software it uses, and how flexible it is with video formats etc.
And how reliable it is. I use AirVideo, and it's good, but there's always connection issues, it's a pain.

In fact I'm gonna come right out and say it: with handheld devices connection speed and reliability is still a big birthing problem. My desktop Mac download big files rock solid and at over ten times the speed I get with my tablet of various kinds. Some blame it on the slow writing speed of Solid State Disks. I dunno, I just know it's irritating. You're just all set in to enjoy some video, and it runs for ten seconds, and then it the buffer is empty. And it's filling out at snails page. And very often, going away for a while doesn't even help, it's hardly moved, which is even more weird. They really need to solve this.

So I still use iTunes a lot. Subscribe to many video podcasts on my speedy desktop connection, and sync up to my iPad, and blammo, we're off. But it shouldn't be necessary.

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