Friday, May 13, 2011

Samsung Announces 10-Inch "Retina" Display for Tablets

Samsung Announces 10-Inch "Retina" Display for Tablets, article.

Way cool. Now we know it can be done at least. Samsung is presenting a ten-inch display at 300 PPI (Apple's Resina display has 336 I think, but that's well beyond the call of duty). And the Samsung screen uses an interesting four-pixel technology, "Pentile", where the fourth pixel, of all things, is white! There's a lot of white being used on web sites, and with a normal display you need all three sub-pixels (red, blue, green) turned on to show white, whereas with this one you may only need one, saving a lot of power. Didn't see that one coming.

Whether this will be used on iPad 3 or not, it seems it's coming soon, which pleases me. Some poeple ask: but it's way beyond even HD video, who needs it? Well, the issue is not video, which when playing looks a lot sharper than it is (try and freeze any video and see), the issue is text. My Dell Streak has a five-inch display, but my iPhone 4 is actually at least as good an e-reader despite the smaller 3.5 display, because of the high-resolution display. Text is very demanding of resolution, and for reading of any kind, this will made a difference. And for text incorporating crisp graphics, wow.

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Stephen A said...

Fantastic, but why do you expect it to be on the iPad3?
Jobs has been actively dumping on Samsung for the past year, including outright falsehoods during keynotes. Samsung is suffering losses in their media player sales. They make the chips that make the iPad go.
So do they hand Apple more rope, in exchange for low margin component sales and another few kicks in the head from Jobs? Or do they release a fourth generation android 4.0 tablet with better processors with a lower price the day after Jobs does his keynote?