Monday, May 23, 2011

iPads as... product labels?

iPads as... product labels? Article.  Talk about high tech!
The kiosk-style iPads use an interactive interface for showing product details, and also include an option for requesting a store employee for assistance.

I wonder how the 'pads are powered, I don't see anything plugged in.

Great idea, when you start thinking about it: they are instantly changeable centrally, and the content is infinitely variable and expandable... tutorial videos, promo videos, etc.

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Stephen A said...

The perfect Velben price tag for a Velben good. Conspicuous vending anybody?

No, by all means, leave the price tag on my purchase!

Actually even if you stuck to Apple products a nano or at most a touch would do the job.

On the other hand, if you were serous about this instead of simply being conspicuously trendy a dirt cheap inductively charged tablet would be perfect for this. Hand them out to the customer at the entrance, integrate an RFID tag reader via the new android ADK. As the customer approaches an item the stats for the item pop up. If they desire the item they can add it to their shopping list. when they are done with their purchases they simply confirm their purchases and return the tablet. At the exit their purchases are retrieved from the warehouse and ready for pickup or even shipped directly to home for large items. This would be perfect for IKEA or other warehouse style stores like "Service Merchandise".

Of course, many people are doing this already with barcode scanners and Amazon at brick and mortar stores.