Sunday, May 22, 2011

What the Amazon Kindle Tablet Might Be Like

What the Amazon Kindle Tablet Might Be Like, article.
Speculation, but sound stuff and based on a lot of data most people don't know.
And I agree: it's very unlikely that an Amazon tablet would compete in the iPad market, that would be stupid. Instead it's likely to be more limited, more focused on reading, but much more powerful (color touch screen and Android apps) than the Kindle 3, and hopefully less than $250 in price. That might be hard to achieve, but maybe the current Kindle3-with-ads thing is an experiment to see how many would accept limited advertising in order to subsidize a reduced price for an Amazon tablet. And from what I hear, that's quite many people, for the K3 at least.


Stephen A said...

Um, the nook color only costs $250 and is an excellent full blown tablet. and is pushing 6 months old.

The real question is why all those other SUV tablets are insanely overpriced?

Bruce said...

I agree with Stephen. I have a Nook Color and love it. I did hack it to run CM7 Android 2.3, but that's fairly easy to do these days.

It does make me wonder why somebody else hasn't made a similar tablet for a similar price with the full Android OS included, no hacking necessary.

Perhaps B&N is keeping their profits on the Nook Color low in order to make money selling ebooks. The old "give away the razor, sell the blades," strategy.