Friday, June 10, 2011

Steve Jobs presents building plans to Cupertino City Council

That's going to be one kewl building. Holding 13,000 people, completely circular, most parking underground, and of course state of the art all through.

from Yahoo:

"There is not a single straight piece of glass in this building," says Jobs.
The grounds will be transformed from primarily asphalt to green. Parking will go underground and the CEO says Apple plans to almost double the 3,700 trees on the property. He wants to add apricot orchards like the ones he recalls growing up with nearby.
The structure will also be fueled primarily by natural gas.

They will supply their own electricity and use the grid as backup!

Personally I'd have said that in a building that size, it would not be visible if the glass panes were not curved. And it would be much, much, cheaper. But Steve does not do anything by halves, and they are having their own huge glass panes made, and they will be curved, dammit!      :-)

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Apple is surely gonna rule the world soon. They are working quite hard.