Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clamcase iPad keyboard case

Here is a beautiful keyboard-case for the iPad. The reviews are good too, some say it's the best yet. I don't think any competing products fold all the way to the back for tablet use.  Only downside it that it's slightly on the heavy side, The combo is heavier than the Macbook Air 11-inch (3 pounds compared to 2.4 pounds, 1.4kg compared to 1.1kg).

I'd get it myself, only I don't see myself use it all that much for the rest of this year, and if the iPad 3 then comes out and is a different size than iPad 2, I'd kick myself.

Some would say, "why not just get a Macbook Air instead if you're gonna use a keyboard anyway?" It's a good question. The Macbook Air is a fully qualified Mac computer, and very powerful. On the other hand, the iPad has upsides beyond size. It's easy as heck to use, and there are many fun and useful apps which you just can't get for the Mac.

And of course, if you already have an iPad, and you don't need any Mac-only apps, but just a good keyboard for more comfortable writing, this seems ideal. It's a bit smaller than full-size, if that bothers you, I recommend the Apple wireless keyboard instead (weighs much less also). But I have touch-typed on keyboards this size without problems despite having large hands.

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