Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buy videos for Android?

If I want to buy video on my iPad, it's simple: iTunes store.
If I want to buy video (say, TV shows) on my Android device, where do I go??

It's hopeless to do searches for this kind of thing, because these terms are so frigging generic and over-used. "Video" covers youtube, video chat, cameras, etc etc. "Market" covers marketing books, all kinds of markets, blah blah blah.

I also found that now I can't download the Amazon App Store (which I suspect sells video) outside the US, even though I could a couple months ago on another Android device.
And of course I can't subscribe to Hulu or Netflix either, being in the UK.

Oh, I'm just realizing: because of all this bullshit, there's a good chance that the upcoming Amazon tablet won't be available outside the US in the beginning, or at least that we can't buy any content on it. Lord knows how long that'll take, it took three years for the Kindle store.

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