Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazon event on 28th

I just heard through one of my powerful sources that amazon is having an event on Wednesday 28th September, to announce new Kindle(s).

Kewl. I hope it/they will have some nice surprises and unique features, rather than just be another Android device with a slick Amazon interface painted on. I'm sure it'll sell well even if it hasn't, but I wouldn't buy one, I already have three, gasp, three Android devices, a 5-inch, a 7-inch, and a 10-inch. (Dell Streak, Samsung GT first gen, Motorola Xoom.) Oh, plus a very cheap seven-incher, Tabtech or such.

In other news, Al Gore has apparently made a deliberate plug for new iPhones coming out in October. I guess *he* won't get fired though, being on Apple's board. Interesting that he used the plural word "iphones"... might mean more than one size of iPhone. Seems unlikely Apple making a 5-inch iPhone, but that's one I probably would get if they do.

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