Thursday, September 22, 2011

The quality of Kindle's voice

I think the Kindle 3's reading-aloud tech has been bypassed, and I hope it's upgraded in the next generation.
In particularly, I find it to be an egregious error that the software does not know to make a pause after a full stop, and make it sound like a new sentence after! It seems to simply ignore full stops, very odd. But it does pause by a dash, for some reason. So for example, the segment:

"That's why we like e-books. In Arabia it is well known..." 

is read like:

"That's why we like e. Books in Arabia it is well known..."

Not great.       :-)

I hope that they've kept the read-aloud feature in the upcoming Android Kindle, and that the necessarily more powerful processor has allowed them to include better speech software. 

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