Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing Kobo Vox

We now have three Android 7-inch tablets sold as e-reader devices Nook Color, Kindle Fire, and now Kobo Vox. They are all very similar, hardware-wise. Kobo is the most open one, giving access to other stores than Kobo's own, and having the Android Market right out in the open.
I like the Kobos for the soft material on the back, making holding it easier, something nobody else gives much thought to.
Like the Nook, Kobo is USA-only. I suspect it's a bitch to get the rights in various countries, only Amazon so far has made much inroads.

I think none of them will let anybody from outside USA buy media on the tablet. But I'm hoping that the Kindle Fire will at least let the Kindle app read my books, and let the browser and such work normally, that'd cover my use pretty well. If I want to buy books from the device I can probably do it in the browser like normally, from the UK Kindle ebook store (I don't think it handles video/music yet though, but I use iTunes for that anyway.)

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