Saturday, January 7, 2012

BookGem holder

Thanks to Len. I wish I'd had this BookGem holder back in the days (seems so long ago now) when I was reading paper books alda time. For example I loved to do that over lunch in cafés, but holding a book flat while eating is tricky.

It really does seem like a very good piece of engineering, and lo the reviews back it up.
I can't believe either that they sell it at fifteen bucks.
... Huh, that's interesting: on Amazon US, it's almost all five-star reviews. But on Amazon UK, there's only three reviews and they are all cold or lukewarm. Trés strange.

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TC [Girl] said...

Interesting little gadget...for the bed... I really like my cookbook holder, when I'm sitting @ the table eating. It keeps my book well as my cookbooks, when I am cooking. :-) I love that it's hinged, too, so that it's easy to lean forward, if you need to turn the page. :-)