Friday, January 6, 2012

Tick Tock Dock

Thanks to AppMinute podcast, I found the Tick Tock Dock.

It has surprisingly good sound for the size (good enough for most music use, and great for podcasts and audiobooks), and it ads physical control buttons to the iPod Touch and iPhone, something I like when in bed. They especially help with scrolling a little bit back in an audiobook, which is dang hard with only screen controls.

It also has FM radio and alarm clock, but that's of less interest to myself.

It's also small/light enough to be a good sound system to bring on the road for hotel rooms and such. (It also has an audio plug for other kinds of sources, and the iPod dock can be swivelled away and when there's no iPod's on it, there's a time/alarm display in the middle.)

A small suggestion to the company: make the start/pause button a bit easier to feel without looking, so one doesn't have to feel around in order to not hit Next by accident.

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