Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A new tablet clamp/arm

I hope the tablet holder arm market will expand a lot, there are still way too few options. A promising new one, though, is this Arkon mount.
I'm trying to find out from the company if it can be used with my bed stand, which only has two centimeters depth of edge. If it can, it might replace my floor stand, which I love, but which takes up a lot of space and looks like something from Frankenstein's laboratory.


TC [Girl] said...

"...looks like something from Frankenstein's laboratory."

LOL! I don't remember that! I'll have to go look for that picture you posted, before.

Hope this new one works for you.

Janet Tokerud said...

I'm all for arms to hold a device like the iPad in bed as well but hope for them to be much lighter and flexible like a gorilla cam tripod. If it is too cumbersome, I'll stick to propping it up. I do have a pillow case from incase that makes reading an iPad in bed pretty comfy.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

If the arm sticks out like three feet, it has quite a weight to carry.
But I'm hoping for many various competing designs and concepts.

Especially if we also later get a Big iPad for art books, comics, etc. And we really must get one, otherwise there's a big hole in e-publishing.