Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orangutans use an iPad (updated)

[Thanks to TCGirl]

Here's an interesting article about it. I've made a donation for their program.


TC [Girl] said...

I've made a donation for their program.

Very sweet of you, Eo! I'm sure Mr. Zimmerman is very appreciative! :-)

I was reading another (I've "Liked" the organization's Facebook page; hence, why I have been directed to other great articles re: this program. :-) article (tiny one, really, but the title caught my attention! lol! :-) which reminded me of a wonderful movie (watch the trailer. The "subjects" are ADORABLE!) that I had, completely, forgotten that I had seen! It leaves a lump in your throat wanting to help all these beautiful little orphans!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, very charming, I think I'll watch it when it's released.

TC [Girl] said...

It least "over here." :-) Not over there?

TC [Girl] said...

Oh...weird! I'm sorry! Yes, I see, now: April 17th, 2012! :-/

(saw it on a big IMAX screen! LOVE those! :-)

TC [Girl] said...

How ADORABLE are these pictures! WISH I could either be a photographer or a "human Sarrogate Mommy" for these little ones! :-P

TC [Girl] said...

Another "sweet" story. :-D