Friday, April 13, 2012

ProCreate and Paper, art apps

Thanks to Yvonne for pointing me to a very interesting iPad painting app, ProCreate.
Here, for instance, is a tutorial explaining how its brushes work, they have some inventions in that field, which apparently has not really changed in 20 years otherwise.

I research drawing- and painting-apps occasionally, because over many years I have still not really found any app which is both user-friendly and gives me exciting possibilities as an artist.

I found one which is exciting at first look, "Paper". I made this flower with it:

I am quite happy with the drawing. But caveat emptor: Paper is a "free app", but in order to use color and such, you have to buy extra packages. I never feel really right about that kind of deal. Also, and worse, the app is really, really limited: 1) you can't zoom into the picture! (unforgivable), 2) you're limited to a small number of colors (10 or so). Admittedly they are well chosen, but still, it just won't wash for a serious artist. 3) you can't change the basic size of the brush or pen strokes! (Also just... unbelievable.)

The good points though is the nice wash effects you can get, and the brush which changes thickness according to speed. I'd like an app like Paper, but without the stupid limitations.
Admittedly I think it's more of a "note" app than an art app. Okay, let's see an art app then.

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