Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get a tablet and then cover

Funny. Just hours ago I was looking (again) into Oberon leather covers. They are really quite unique. And I really like them. The problem is that there's not one of them which I really really like, as it were. I guess my favorite one is is the one with the classic drawing Roof Of Heaven, but that's as much about philosophy and some experiences I've had as it it is about the art. 
Also, I don't know, it seems a bit artificial that their covers bend in a big curve. For some reason I feel I would prefer if some actual bends had been put into the leather, so you got something more like a book cover. Perhaps it's because the spine looks forced, not like it's meant to be there. 
I'm not sure if this iPad Case is too effeminate for me, but it seems to be very nicely made. Whaddaya say, can a man use this and remain a man's man? (By which I don't mean, you know...) I think perhaps the navy one is better, you can't go wrong with dark blue. 

I also like this one, although I'd have preferred the the inside red color to be much darker.

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