Friday, May 25, 2012

"No Name, No Slogan"

The trend of no names or numbers for Kindles or iPads is irritating if you want to search for it. How do you search for (accessories for) the small Kindle ($79)? Nobody knows what to call it. I think it’s arrogant of those companies, they just assume their product is so dominating that no differentiation is necessary.

For example I was looking on Amazon for a nice soft-leather cover for my small Kindle (the current cheap one). I had heard about Cole Haan as having some nice ones. And I found several variations of them, but they seemed to be all for Kindle 2 or 3. And I had no way to limit the search to the small Kindle, because it has no name beyond "Kindle".

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Stephen A said...

The designation should be on the splash screen or about section of the "help" or settings section.

The vastly under-appreciated HP Touchpad had a good approach. A small panel could be ejected like a memory card.

This is another victory of fashion over form. It is more important to look good than inform.