Friday, May 4, 2012

No convergence please!

Believe it or not, this spoof was made by Brydge, the company with the so-far most serious attempt at actually making something like such a convergence.

Brydge is making a quality keyboard component which fits the iPad.
When the iPad was new, I knew these things were bound to come. Now they are here, I'm not at all sure if I want it, or if I really should bring the MacBook Air when I want to use a keyboard a lot. There are many things you can do on a Mac which you can't do on an iPad. But then this is also true vice-versa. And you can pull the iPad from the keyboard and then you just have the lovely iPad. Sooo...


TC [Girl] said...

Oh,, you've gone and confnused me some more! lol! Perhaps I just oughter budget for BOTH, then?! :-D lol! (Doesn't help for when one is traveling, however! Well...unless a person rolls w/that new keyboard that you just featured; then, I would suspect that the Pad would be sufficient! :-) And, oh MY: if we go to this convergence thing (which, wow, looks like there is a DEMAND for; already met their project goal...and then "some"...w/a month to go, still!), it would seem like the wheel is being re-invented and we're just back to the basic laptop w/a removable keyboard that people will, then, try to either get rid of, because of the extra bulk or...make smaller, compromising what a laptop keyboard already offers! No? We're such a SILLY and FICKLE people! lol!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

True dat.