Saturday, May 5, 2012

Temple Grandin on ereaders

Temple Grandin is a well known expert on autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and animals, and our friend Len Edgerly interviews her about how different ereaders may help people with learning- or reading-difficulties.
For example the lower screen contrast of the Kindle and the flicker-free nature of tablet screens may help many people.


TC [Girl] said...

Very helpful to hear her feedback on both. Thanks. Interesting to hear re: the non-verbal people and how laptops aren't helpful to them. That helps me more, as well, in deciding re: one over the other in trying to communicate w/my clients.

I was a little confused as to *where* the text "jumbles" for people; was that on paper? I just find that whole thing re: how an electronic screen helps people more because I used to struggle quite a bit w/reading anything on a screen and needed to print everything out. I guess that I am more of a tactile learner; something that she didn't talk too much about.

She had some pretty good points re: whether something would still be there, in 10 years, w/the way technology is going, these days. I'll have to agree that that is one other "argument" for books to still be made available in paper format.

Thanks for posting this, Eo; I appreciate that very much. Please thank Mr. Edgerly for his wonderful interview w/Ms. Grandin. Her feedback is invaluable to the community.

Another person I would really appreciate him interviewing, sometime, for some of the same feedback, but from a different "angle" of the Autistic community would be Carly Fleischmann and her father, Arthur Fleischmann, who, together wrote 'Carly's Voice.' I am working w/(2) people, right now, that I would very much like to see if there was a better way for all of us to communicate than the minimal that is going on, now. These people are given lots of instructions but not a whole lot of input is happening, from them, sadly. I am attempting to determine whether an iPad or a Kindle would be more helpful and...from what I just heard, from Miss Temple, I think that I am leaning toward an iPad. I believe that I need some sort of picture communicating app at this point in order for us to get some sort of interaction going on.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

An iPad is to a Kindle like an SUV is to a bicycle. On overlap of use, but hardly comparable.

I think Temple meant that a laptop screen is better, not than paper, but than an old CRT screen, because they flicker.

TC [Girl] said...

I think Temple meant that a laptop screen is better, not than paper, but than an old CRT screen, because they flicker.

Uh, yes. Thanks.