Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color books on Kindle

Big color books are coming to Kindle in big waves, hurrah! For example, I searched for books about acrylic painting, and about mixed media art, and there were lots of books which clearly are meant for a biggish color screen rather than the small grey-scale Kindle.

Of course you still have to live with the odd choice of authors and editors. For example in the otherwise nice book about experimental acrylics painting I bought, Rethinking Acrylic, the author tells us that "small brushes are good for small paintings or small details, and big brushes are good for covering large areas". No! Really? Thank gawd you told me. On the other hand he defines "gesso" as "the bridge between the substrate and the paint". I had to use the Kindle apps' dictionary to find out that it consists plaster of paris and glue. Ah well.

But I really like that this is happening. While "serious readers" may be focused on novels and bios, there are big swathes of the book market which depends on complex designs, graphs, illustrations, art, etc. Cook books, comics, children's books, art books, artist's teaching books, text books...

And of course as usual, we have several formats now battling it out. This is Planet Earth after all. There's the new Kindle 8 format. There's the old PDF format. There's Apple's new format for fixed design. And so on. Sigh.

By the way, I recently made small changes to the design of this blog. What do you think of it in general? Is it well readable? How do you like the book background and so on? I made most of it me likkle self. 

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