Thursday, June 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy looks like...

I don't care for Apple's current litigiousness, but when one sees this picture, one can understand their feelings about Samsung and Google/Android. In fact when one sees this picture, one might never realize that one is not in fact looking at an iPhone, but a Samsung Galaxy II. They completely hovered up everything of the Look And Feel. It's patently embarrassing.


TC [Girl] said...

Isn't that the truth?! I wonder how *they* got away w/it! :-/ Wish I could remember if it was them that Apple hit w/a lawsuit over how similar their tablet design looked to the Pad.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Might be. They have multiple lawsuits against Samsung in various countries. Occasionally the court grants an injunction against the Samsung product, I think Germany for example.

Jobs was *livid*. He truly wanted Android *wiped* out.

TC [Girl] said...

Jobs was *livid*. He truly wanted Android *wiped* out.

Sometimes, he sounds more like the dude w/the "H" for the first letter of his name, who wanted to do the same...with people! Rather ruthless and UNREALISTIC of him to think that he could CONTROL the WORLD like that! Perhaps that is why 'Someone' Decided that it was time for him to exit! :-/

geoff belfer said...

They say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
so maybe Apple should use that fact in their advertising!
Also check out the design influence of Dieter Rams on many Apple products over the years. Still it must be very irksome for Apple when their designs are so brazenly copied.

Bruce said...

Good point about Dieter Rams. I don't think his estate, or the people who own rights to his work, have sued Apple yet.

In Samsung's defense, they deal with a lot of other companies besides Apple, in a lot of other businesses. Most of the time it seems like copying is expected, just part of doing business. What they are doing with Apple is what everybody does with everybody else, at least as far as consumer goods and Asian companies are concerned. So Apple has to train Samsung, and many other Apple suppliers, to do business differently.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Obviously in China they have a very different attitude towards copying. Maybe it's similar in the East generally?
Or maybe they just give less of a sh*t in China cuz they feel they have bigger problems than thin-skinned Westeners!

Bruce. said...

Well, yes, but not just China.

I was thinking about VCRs, Stereo Receivers, etc. etc. from Japan a few years back. No matter which company you bought from, they all looked and worked about the same. Point and shoot cameras are another area where if one company has a new feature this year, the others will have it next year.

Then there were TVs, where two or three companies (Sony, Sharp, Samsung) made the TV tubes and all of the other companies put their own name on the cabinets. The Korean car industry used to license designs from Japanese companies, sometimes engines and sometimes more than that. So there's a history of trading and imitating.

It just seems like the value system is that you compete with the other guy on price and quality, but share some of the other things. Maybe it started in Japan in the 1950's, where perhaps it would have been patriotic not just to succeed, but to help the other guy succeed as well, in order to help the country recover from WWII.