Saturday, July 21, 2012

Loathing Adobe and DRM

[Warning: rant.]
I don't know what I hate most: Adobe installation problems, or DRM.
In any case, they come up in a neat little package whenever I have to use Adobe Digital Editions, trying to read a DRM-protected non-Kindle ebooks.

I used all the instructions and tips I could find, and still I have used over 90 minutes of my Saturday night (there went my date with Sarah Chalke) trying to get a book onto a Kobo or my Iriver reader. (Both are supported, according to Adobe.) But I've just been going through a long string of having to update the app, otherwise I'm not allowed to use it, and then the app refusing to install in various entertaining ways. I finally got it updated, and launched. The I waited half an hour while it apparently had to download three copies of all the books (five!) I have in it. (It does not allow local storage!!!) And then the ereader device, both of them, did not appear in the app like they're supposed to. I tried everything.

Then I read that on Mac I have to reboot the app after connecting the reader. I smelled trouble! And I got it. On re-launching the ADE app, it again told me I had to either quit it or update it. And I had just updated it!
I just can't get it to work.

I experimented with this to see if I could get it to work, if I could I might buy a Nook with SlowGlow (or whazcalled). We can't buy Nook books outside the US, hurrah, but if I could at least read Google Play books on it... But it seems that's a hopeless dream. I'll just have to hope that a Kindle or a least a Kobo with frontlight is on the way.

Computers! Can't live with them, can't take a shotgun to them without alarming the neighbors.


Stephen A said...

need a ereaderagony blog

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Hehe. ya.
Though usually the agony is when a computer gets involved.

The good news is that slowly, some publishers are dropping DRM. Yoohoo.