Thursday, September 13, 2012

Design change

I designed this site melittleself, and I've always been rather proud of it.
I just made a couple small changes: the title, the description, and the page text, all are more blue than before, although in different ways for the three.

Ooops, and now I also changed the fonts of the title and headers. I guess two years ago I was restrained by the idea that I could only use fonts which everybody has on their computer. But with all the unusual choices the template has, I guess the site has some way to transfer the font to the receiving machine. Anybody know this?
(If not, I guess it may default to Courier, which was my stupid first choice anyway.)
(These fonts show up nicely on my Mac, and I can see that they are not installed on it, so I wonder how this works these days.)

(The title font is Fontdiner Swanky, and the header font is called Crushed.)

Here's a screenshot of the old design. I'm pleased with the changes.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at which lets you use that wide set of fonts. Even show you how.

HTH Dave

andrea said...

it all works nicely in Chrome