Monday, November 26, 2012

Publisher 'Future' selling $1 million per month in tablet magazine

Publisher 'Future' selling $1 million per month in tablet magazine, article.

“Around 90 percent of our digital edition sales are to new customers and 40 percent are outside our core UK and US markets." [...]
Future digital revenue grew 30 percent in the last year to £20.6 million, 18 percent of the total, which nevertheless declined by three percent. Cost savings and this digital growth have helped return the publisher from an £18 million annual loss to a £1 million profit.

If you look at both the paragraphs above, those are remarkable statements. Nobody has been sure whether anybody would ever really make a good business on publications on ereaders/tablets, but this shows that it's definitely possible.

Ninety percent of sales are to new customers! That's spectacular. This shows that the big promise of the World Wide Web was not an idle one.

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