Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Kindle Fire in UK now

The 9-inch Kindle Fire HD is now being sold in a few more countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan). The price in UK is very reasonable.

It is a very good tablet. And particularly it's good for listening to Kindle books, the text-to-speech is the best I've tried.
The downside is how Amazon has hobbled it regarding most Android apps. You can only easily get those generic and safe ones they have let into their own Android store, others take hassle to find and install, and many of them won't even work. I think that's a mistake on Amazon's part, like the ongoing decision to not let the monochrome Kindles read ePub books. I'm sure they like their walled prison, sorry, garden, but they would at least sell more tablets, to people who like to choose their apps freely. And I think if you have good stuff to sell and treat customers right, and Amazon does, then it's rarely a mistake to grant your customers freedom and trust.

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