Monday, March 18, 2013

Font settings on Kobo

Kobo is good stuff. I like, for instance, their "Mini" reader, pocket-sized.
I have their mainstream Touch model (two years old), and I like that too. Userfriendly, if a bit pokey with the touch sensitivity. It does not seem to have the font features I describe below, even after I figured out how to upgrade the OS.

I just looked at a video promoting the devices (via bookstore W.H. Smith here in UK), and found this tidbit: the readers let your fine-tune your fonts. Not only the size, but also the weight (thickness), and the sharpness (whatever exactly they mean by that).
I think this is excellent, and one of those things Amazon could learn from. Especially if, like it seems, these devices have stepless control of text size. Every ereader and -app should have that. But also the weight. Font weight is hugely influential on the readability of a font, and most fonts, in my estimation, which are made for paper, are too thin to be easily readable on e-ink pages, which despite higher resolution these days, are still cruder than paper and backlit screens.

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