Sunday, March 17, 2013

Galaxy S4

There is no doubt that Samsung is sensing that their killer feature in the war with Apple is bigger screens: the new Galaxy S4 flagship phone is a biggun; a full 5-inch screen at the new redunkilus resolution 440PPI, giving it a full HD resolution, which will fascinate 12-year-olds with 30/20 vision, or people who regularly have loups strapped to their glasses.
They may have a point, it seems that apart from iOS's lack of multitasking, this screen-size conservatism is increasingly seen as a major weakness in their strategy.

Geekbeat says: On specs alone, this is the best mobile device on the market.

Like I've said before: a phone at around 5 inches is a great ereader, with a sharp screen like this. A Kindle is just a bit too large to be a pocket device, but this is not, and yet it's large enough to be very comfortable reading any simple text on. And with Android of course comes Kindle software for the ebooks and many apps like Instapaper for easy reading of web articles (you can send them from your computer and read them in reader-friendly formatting on the mobile device).

Really, unless you have a hankering for surfing more complex sites, or reading comics or formatted magazines, this kind of device goes a looong way in daily use on the run. (When you're on the run, it's a great thing to not have to close and unplug a laptop if the sherif unexpectedly pulls up outside the café.)

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TC [Girl] said...

Thanks! I'll take a look at it, the next time I upgrade. Just read this.