Thursday, April 18, 2013

Len's Waterfield Designs Indy bag

As a thanks for his nice work on The Kindle Chronicles over the years (it's the only podcast I know worth listening to more than once per episode), I gave Len Edgerly a Waterfield Designs new Indy bag.

He got it today, says it's very handsome, and: "I just took mine on its maiden trip outside home, to a coffee shop. It carried my iPad 3 and Kindle Fire HD 7" in great style!"

Len Edgerly with his new Kindle-home. Photo: Darlene
I got my own today also.
It's the smaller size (Len's is standard-sized, to hold a full-sized tablet), and in black leather instead of the distressed fuzzy brown leather of Len's. Both kinds really feel good in the hand.

It's a really nice, slim and light bag, designed to hold only a tablet (in my case, max a 8-inch model) and a couple of other slim items.
But even the small sized one can hold surprisingly much, of smaller items. For instance, mine could hold an iPad Mini in a slim case, a pocket-camera, a compact tablet stand, a paperback book, a phone, a small wallet, a pack of tissues, and a charger with cable!

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TC [Girl] said...

Nice! You'll both "be stylin!" :-)