Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New large ereader from Kobo

Kobo is introducing the Kobo Aura HD reader. It's about 20% larger than a Kindle, and also has about 20% higher screen resolution, a nice 265 PPI. (Though as I said about the Kindle, it may not mean as much on an e-ink display, certainly they don't look as sharp as an LED display with the same number.)
It has front light like the last flagship BW model, which makes it potentially interesting to me, like I have said, I like the Kobo, the rubbery case makes it nice looking and easier to hold, for example, and the interface is pleasant, more nice graphics and such.

Click on this. I does look really nice, especially if they haven't exaggerated the contrast in the computer after! If it really looks like this, it might be one for me.

The article also informs:

The value of the UK's physical books market fell by nearly 5% over the course of 2012 in value terms, according to market researchers at Nielsen Bookscan.
By contrast they said that the country's ebook market swelled by about 100% over the same period accounting for about £150m of sales.

150 million Pounds Sterling (200M USD circa), that's no spare change! UK is a bit behind the US in the ebook evolution, I think mostly due to Amazon starting in the US, but it's catching up fast now. Most other countries have the barrier of all their own books in their own language having to be converted to ebooks, but in time that'll happen as a matter of course.

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