Monday, September 30, 2013

Pad/phones as camera remote controls

Here's a relatively new game: Pad/phones as camera remote controls.

I made this self portrait holding the camera in my left hand, and controlling it with my right hand on the iPad (out of frame, mounted on a floor stand). (I had to use a 2-second self-timer, to get time to get my right arm down.)
I am in my favorite reading spot, propped up on my space foam bed, with the iPad hands-free. Damn relaxing.

This is of course just the merest beginning, there are many vistas of use, for example shooting birds without spooking them, and so on.

Sony RX100M2. Edited in Photoshop to make it sepia and give the background more blur (and darkening it). Click for big pic.

Sony's iOS app "Playmemories" is quite limited yet. You have no control over, well basically anything on the camera, except the zoom. It would be great if you could, for example, touch the screen to focus there, and of course control aperture/shutter speed, ISO... It may come.

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TC [Girl] said...

Love it! You do look damn relaxed, there; nice!! :-D