Friday, October 4, 2013

All you can read for ten bucks per month (updated)

So finally the "Netflix" model is appearing for real in the ebooks arena.
One which seems really promising is Oyster Books.

So far it's only per invitation, so if you're interested, write your address in now, and wait. My invite came a few weeks after I signed on.

Unfortunately it's only US so far. So if really interested and not in the US, you have to use a trusting US friend's credit card and address. (Or one of those service which provide such. I haven't tried them.)

Their app is on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. And supposedly Android too at some point in the future. They say they don't have any specific plans for it, but I think it would be pretty silly to ignore half of the market.

I think this is a pretty amazing development. I'm very curious how they make it make any profit, given that most publishers don't tend to let their books go for a pittance.
But they have a good selection: over 100,000 books, and not only old out-of-copyright books. I have started re-reading Zen And The Art of Mortorcycle Maintenance, which I had intended for a while to do.
(OK, I admit I don't know how many modern and significant books they have, I've only looked enough that it may just be a dozen.)

The iPhone app seems nice so far. A selection of fonts and background colors.

What does this mean for ebook publishing? Will it boost readership and business, or will it take the bread from the starving mouths of poor authors? I have no idea. Except it feels like a good thing, definitely for readers, and what's good for readers tend to be good for authors too.

As a member, I have one invitation left. First come, first served. 

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