Sunday, October 27, 2013

"iPad Pro" (updated)

27 Oct 2013

Hey, here's a prediction. It came to me in a flash:

in 2014, Apple will come out with a bigger iPad, probably 13-inch. It will be named "iPad Pro". It will probably have a keyboard designed especially for it (maybe a keyboard-case, but that doesn't feel very "Apple", perhaps because such a thing is subject very much to taste).

It will be marketed at content creators.
But it will be great for many other things, like reading graphic rich books and mags. And most apps will be only better with more space to play in.

I think they'll be able to keep the weight down to under that of the first iPad, 1.6 pounds.

They will push what I have written about before: that you can do photos and videos with the same device that you write on, and send it from there too (and keep your content in the cloud). It's a full, portable content creation and distribution machine which fits in your normal bag, you can leave the camera and the video camera and laptop at home. (Hopefully the camera will be good, at least as good as the one on the iPhone 5S.)

Quote from this article:
While the A7 is a big deal from a hardware standpoint, it translates into value for consumers at the software level. The A7 is a desktop class processor that can run desktop class applications on the iPad. This is a big deal. [...]

The new Garageband can support up to 32 tracks of audio for input and editing. It can also process desktop class effects on those tracks essentially creating a powerful mobile recording and editing studio on your iPad.

32 tracks?! Can you see the growing need for bigger screens?


TC [Girl] said...

Nuh uh; I'm NEVER leaving the camera behind!!!!!!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Fair enough. So far the iPad camera is not sufficient for serious pictures. Only a snapshot to accompany a web article or so.

TC [Girl] said...

I see... :-)