Sunday, October 27, 2013

Open letter to Amazon

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I love Amazon and its philosophy. I must have bought over $10,000 worth of books and films over the years, starting in 1998 in Denmark.

I think though that in a few ways, Amazon is irritating the customer without gaining anything. For example, the e-ink Kindles should be able to read ePub. It’s obvious, they just should. It would make it "The eReader" instead of “an ereader”. And they would not loose any sales, they would gain some, I believe.

Similarly, the hobbling of the Kindle Fire so it’s simply an Amazon purchase and play terminal is a mistake. There is no reason it could not be a full-fledged Amazon tablet. It would sell a lot more, and of course many of those customers might buy on Amazon where they might not have, before.
I’d love to have the new, big, light-weight KF HDX 9-inch. But it simply can’t do the things I want it to do.

Warm regards, Eolake


I see it as the one weakness or downside to Bezos/Amazon: he is playing the Only One game. As in the film highlander (in low, dramatic voice): "There can be only One!!"
What's the fun of wiping out all your competitors? Who will you have to play with then?

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TC [Girl] said...

I would love to add the feature of people being able to connect their thoughts, re: books that they are reading...something like the feature turned on, "for the entire world," but...making it a more "one-on-one" (or a small reading group?) experience...

And why do there need to be International "borders" "thin air?!" Why can't the entire globe have access to buying ALL books?!

Oh and...please...can something, please, be done about Flash player being omitted?! Just because Steve Jobs said that Apple isn't going to use it, does that mean the entire world have to cease functioning?! :-/