Monday, September 22, 2014

Real quickly about the i6+ (Updated)

I don't have time to write a review now... but I got the iPhone 6 Plus today, and set it up and played  with settings and such.

They didn't even mention the speaker... it's so loud and so good...

I don't regret selling the remains of both my grandmothers to get this. "Oh, if only I had more grandmothers to sell for this cause!!"

It doesn't even seem big to me, it seems just right.

It's so good it's almost depressing... what are they going to do next year? And next?

Aha! A critique point, found one! It's a bit slick, seems too easy to drop in the excitement.
But with Apple's leather case, it sites perfectly in the hand. Feels great.
A bit spendy  for such a simple object, but very soon there will be lots like it on eBay/Amazon for 10-15 bucks, don't fret.

Funny enough, while this is by far the best phone I've had, it's hard to say very much about it...

To me, the 5.5 screen is not Big, or even big progress (though it is), it is simply how it's supposed to be. For me it's the first time I'm getting the ease-of-use and enjoyment from a phone that I expected!
It's just right.

It even has the right size for me to use an eye-candy screensaver like Magic Window, on my bedside stand.

And of course, like predicted, it works nearly perfectly as a pocket ereader. It's a little hard to use one-handedly without it slipping when one uses the thumb to change pages. But this may be a matter of practice. Or I may make one of my non-patented strap-cases.

Subjectively, it's simply the current best possible in hand-held computers / communicators. 


TC [Girl] said...

Exciting!! Congrats!! :-D

I travel very minimally, even to town, and just fell in love w/the case that was recommended to me, just before a trip last summer, where it can hold 3 credit cards. That little thing attracts more attention than anything I have ever had, and it is so dang handy, and, YAY, they have made one for the 6 Plus...and I feel like it's a rather reasonable price for how helpful it is to everything in one hand!! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Looks like it can take a lump. And Practical if you use credit cards a lot.
I would have a hard time deciding between the colors. Things like pink and teal are not for me. I may just have gone for the black one, it does look pretty nice.

TC [Girl] said...

Looks like it can take a lump.

Oh, yes; trust me on that one!! I have "only" had to have 2, because the hinge cracked on the first one, after one too many drops...and it looks (and sounds) like they have beefed the newer one up, a little more, since the ones I have purchased... Can't WAIT to order one...but...I can wait a couple of months, I guess...since I won't be needing it, until January...let the "rush" die down... :-P

And Practical if you use credit cards a lot.

Well...I carry my driver's license in it, as well as my debit card (I don't usually carry much cash)...and a visa, in case of emergency,'s perfect... :-)

I would have a hard time deciding between the colors. Things like pink and teal are not for me.

Awe, come on, Darling; live it up, a little!! ;-)

I didn't really want nor like the "hot pink," but didn't want the other (for the 4S, of course) colors, but it has grown on me... :-D

I may just have gone for the black one, it does look pretty nice.

I think you would look dashing carrying either the teal or grey and teal one; and...they're easier to spot, when you put them down, too!! :-D

TC [Girl] said...

Ouch! Dang!! Be aware!!

TC [Girl] said...

Disappointing, if that is HALF of their income; seems kind of sloppy!! Perhaps it's a good thing that I have to wait until January!! :-/

TC [Girl] said...

Was just thinking about the Plus; are you enjoying it, so far? I think I saw an article where Comsumer Reports reviewed it and said that it wasn't as "bendable" as people made it out to be... I mean, really, what do you expect, when you SIT on a piece of electronics, People?! It's craziness how everyone expects everything to be guaranteed to be indestructible!! :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Exactly! .

(I'll try to update this post now.)

TC [Girl] said...

Cool!! Thanks for the update; counting down the months, myself!! ;-)