Sunday, September 19, 2010

Better alternative for Safari on iPad

One of my most important iPad niggles has been that Safari on it can't change font size (nor really has much of any settings at all), and that changing pages is very slow, involving a couple of clicks, selecting, and reload.  And that it does not have a Find feature.

So I'm delighted to have found the "Perfect Web Browser". It has:
  • A scroll bar for faster scrolling on long pages. 
  • Changable font size. 
  • Real tabbed browsing, with instant change to the older page, instead of Safari's tiresome reloading! (I thought that was necessary because of too little memory, but that seems not to be the case...)
  • A find feature for big pages! 
I only just started using it, but unless it has some egregious fault I haven't found yet, I may have a new favorite browser on iPad.


ganesha games said...

THis is a very nice find. I thought that Apple didn't allow for other browsers on the iPad.

eolake said...

Oh, no, I've tried a couple, but they didn't really keep me. For example, Atomic Browser will change text size, but not let the line hight follow, so it looked bad.

ganesha games said...

bought and happily running it. It's really good.

eolake said...

I'm happy to hear it.

I think it could make surfing significantly better on the iPad. Til now I had never been entirely happy with that aspect.