Monday, September 20, 2010

Kindle DX resolution

I took these photos to give an impression of the resolution of the screen of the Kindle Dx (that's the large, expensive one with more than double the screen size of the K3.)
Click for big pic.


TC [Girl] said...

Beautiful, thank you! Now, as you have also written: wouldn't it be nice if they added COLOR! I didn't realize/think about that, when I started checking out e-readers. I actually thought it was a "given." I'm figuring that, if I'm going to be looking at books, why not have color?! As w/what you show, here, I would be wanting to enjoy coffee table, etc. books with lots of nice pics as well as text!

eolake said...

Yes, just so.

I guess e-paper technology is cheaper (and uses much less battery). And it apparently does not have a color version yet. Or a touchscreen, so far as I know.

I do enjoy the color screen on the iPad a lot more than the low-contrast of the Kindle screen. But the low contrast of the Kindle screen bothers me more than the lack of color, at least for reading.

TC [Girl] said...

I have been dealing w/a new touch screen phone and am finding, to my surprise, that I'm not all that fond of touch screens, after all.'s nice to not have buttons to push and so forth but...having to constantly clean the finger prints off (and I am an "obsessive" hand washer; don't think otherwise! lol!) from trying to scroll and read your blogs on it, etc. are getting way annoying (I'm switching it out, later today!); hence, I think that I would like something like the Kindle (for example) much better...for reading. Hm...wonder if (and wouldn't this look a little obsessive! lol!) wearing a thin glove would still allow enough contact to make it work. :-)

eolake said...

It should work fine with a thin glove.

Also, one of those thin plastic films for the screen will make finger prints much less noticeable. I don't even think about that anymore.